Release Notes: Release Notes for siduction razor-qt 12.1

Contributed by devil on May 25, 2012 - 02:19 PM

Built and released at LinuxTag convention in Berlin on 2012-05-25 we present to you the first developement release of siduction razor-qt 12.1. Razor-Qt 0.41, as the base for this release, was checked out of git on 2012-05-26. We plan to integrate Razor-Qt into our development cycle lateron in 2012.

What is Razor-Qt?

Razor-Qt is a young, but heavily developed desktop environment, based on the qt toolkit. The underlying debian-unstable based distribution siduction is shipped with a patched vanilla kernel 3.4, accompanied by XServer 1.12. On top of that we added the Razor-Qt Desktop Environment, enriched with a good dozen of pure Qt-apps.

Razor-Qt apps in this release:

Further information on siduction as the base of this release can be found in the siduction release notes. [1]

Credits for siduction-razor-qt 12.1:

Core Team:

Alf Gaida (agaida)
Axel Beu (ab)
Dinko Sabo (vibora)
Ferdinand Thommes (devil)
Holger Wagemann (holgerw)
Markus Meyer (coruja)
Nikolas Poniros (edhunter)
Stefan Tell (cryptosteve)
Torsten Wohlfarth (towo)

Art Team:

Hendrik Lehmbruch (hendrikl)
Sven Strohmeier (se7en)

Thank you!

Also thank you very much, all the testers and all the people that gave us support in any possible way. This is also your achievement.

And now enjoy!

On behalf of the siduction team:
Ferdinand Thommes